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Limoneira logo refresh was a project in a Skillshare class. The objective was to assess a logotype based on a number of criteria, including but not limited to spacing, consistency, overall look and feel, style, and details such as serifs and ligatures.

Limoneira is a large agriculture business, which was founded in 1893 as a local California company with primary crops being lemons, oranges, and walnuts. The brand is rooted in history, rich heritage, and traditions, the name meaning "lemon lands" in Portuguese. At the same time it is dedicated to sustainable practices, community building, and continuous commitment to new technology and state of the art farming practices.




Overall, I enjoy the original logo for it's subtle vintage feel, and details such as the RA ligature, the wide O, and high middle bar in E. I wanted to address some of the issues I saw such as the overshoot in N and A (extending slightly above and below which in this case makes the logotype unstable), the connection in the RA ligature, the stroke weight consistency and contrast, spacing, and the overall feel. I explored three directions that were influenced by the original logo but more pronounced stylistically.


I explored three directions, focusing on various characteristics of the original logo. The top version includes the bracketed serifs and added contrast, as well the oblique stress of the O and the pointed end of the diagonal of the N. The middle version which is also the chosen one, has simplified wedge serifs and very low contrast, with the curve of the R also reflecting in the diagonal of the N, to bring movement and unity. For the lower version I added even more contrast, softened the serifs, and played with the ligatures to have the logotype start and end with one, which adds elegance and interest.

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