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Caveman Coffee


Caveman Coffee were looking to create a new custom label design for their coffee packages. There were two main objectives: the practical one, which was to solve several turn around issues by making the new labels faster to print and easier to attach to plain black packaging; and stylistic, which was to incorporate a vintage decorative style, using only black, gold and white, while incorporating and emphasizing the letterform mark.


The project involved logo refresh (see below), as part of the design, so that it could be more organically incorporated, and have the same stylistic feel as the label. The name of the company lettering and all the illustrations were custom designed by hand, with a typographic treatment for the informational details on the bottom.






The original Caveman Coffee Logo is an interesting concept, with the letter C becoming a coffee maker by the incorporation of the drop. However, there were several issues. The font, utilized for the letter, when enlarged, showed some uneven contours. It also seemed a bit tight and in need of some breathing space. The mirror image both left to right and top to bottom made it a little too predictable and monotonous.  

For the refresh, I simplified the forms of the Cs and created some space and evenness within by omitting the lower serif, reducing the overall thickness, and smoothing the counter contours. I also changed the top serif from a simple slab to a wedge, in order to make it less heavy and add some lightness and movement. The added space in the middle allowed for a more pronounced drop shape, which is an important part of the design. The new, simpler logo is easier to incorporate into various designs, and offers more freedom for incorporating stylistic details within. 

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